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    92k coins are made every day.

    20k come from regular staking
    36k come from flash staking
    and 36k come from mining.
    every day.
    for the next 2 years.
    when it will halve.
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    For anyone that needs a copy of the *old* *pinkcoin* *chain*.!mwgFxISa!QyVM_GCFFwu38z_XFBG4UyGe3pRkXsWM-T-CXAEjCNI


    1. Download Old_Pinkcoin_Chain.exe
    2. Open the folder where it was downloaded, right click on it, and select 'cut'.
    3. Make sure your old Pinkcoin-QT wallet is shut down.
    4. On your keyboard, push the windows key + R.
    5. Type %appdata%/pinkcoin into the box, and press ENTER.
    6. Delete everything in that folder except for your wallet.dat.
    7. Backup your wallet.dat.
    8. Right click in the folder white-space, and select 'paste'
    9. Open Old_Pinkcoin_Chain.exe
    10. Click 'Extract' and wait for it to finish.
    11. Open your old Pinkcoin-QT wallet and wait for your wallet to open. It may take several minutes.

    Note: This is for people with old Pinkcoin wallets with coins in them. This is not for people that are new to Pinkcoin.

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